White People Wednesdays: The Rules at a BLACK pool party

Now that summer is officially OVER, I would like to give all my white friends 300 days to understand the rules when a black person invite you to an adult pool party.

It never dawned on me that white folks didn’t understand the “black” pool party etiquette until Sway threw the 1st Annual Sway In The Morning Pool Party at Harrah’s in Atlantic City, NJ and all the white folks that were going started asking me…..”What time are we going swimming?” SWIMMING? LIES!!!

Rule #1:  There is NO SWIMMING at a black person’s pool party that starts after 5 o’clock.

Rule #2:  If your invitation says attire “Pool Wear” that really means> Stretch pants, stilettos, short dresses, dudes with shoes on, and lots of button down shirts.

Rule #3: Stay FAR AWAY from the dude that thought it was a good idea to push a fully dressed person in the water; Cause in about 5 minutes he’s gonna get his azz beat!

Rule #4: Stop asking “What can I bring?” Contrary to popular belief, not all black folks eat chicken or drink Hennessey; but we do have a problem with not having enough ice. So unless you’re an automatic ice maker, just bring a bottle of Hennessey Black and know that you won’t get a sip of it!

And FINALLY…………………………

Rule #5:
Understand that NO black person wants to get wet at a pool party. The word “pool” just means location: And 9 times out of 10 we have somewhere else to go after the party. That being said, they’ll be No beer pong. No water polo. No water guns. No super soakers. No drink spilling. And No throwing that dam beach ball around! LOL!!!

Here are some pics from The Sway In The Morning Pool Party! Shout out to St. Bonnie aka James Riley and Heather G! (The only 2 white people who realized…it ain’t gonna be NO SWIMMING!)


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