I can’t remember what year it was…but my cousin Kim and I went to see Janet Jackson perform at Madison Square Garden and her opening act was USHER!

While watching him dance and sing back then…I kept thinking, “He’s talented, but WHY is this BOY opening up for JANET?”

As my mind was racing with “Why is Usher opening up thoughts?” I failed to realize that MY MOUTH was humming along to “You Make Me Wanna” “My Way” and a bunch of other stuff.
That album came out in 1997.

Fast forward to 2014 (17 years LATER) and Usher hasn’t lost a step!

His music has gotten BETTER. He’s a father. An executive. Dare I say…an ICON.

Not too many artists have been able to be as successful and consistent as Usher for THIS many years. With that being said, it’s very easy to become nervous when interviewing folks like him because honestly…”WHAT hasn’t he been asked?”

And on top of that, you always have to be RESPECTFUL of when managers, publicists and the artist themselves tell you BEFORE the interview not to ask about certain things.

After listening to Usher talk about raising his sons. Being an ex husband, a mogul, a son, and still a MAJOR artist, it became clear to me that “the boy” that I say smiling and gliding across the stage opening for Janet is now a full grown man.

He’s clearly seen and heard enough in this world where he definitely is guarded, but not stink acting.

He’s made enough money where he NEVER has to sing again, yet it wasn’t visible in terms of jewelry, clothing, or conversation.

He was cool, but not “too cool” for school, if you know what I mean.

After listening to him talk about it all from soup to nuts…I came up with the PERFECT question for him and he answered it below at the 14:10 mark.

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