OH. NO. I. DIDN’T….Go and Get ALL fancy on ya’ll. Ha!!!

Well sorta…but here’s the thing:

A lot of times I’ll just spend HOURS in the liquor store browsing. It has gotten so bad that my husband won’t go with me UNLESS I basically promise I’m only going in for one or two things.

During one of my browsing days though, I stumbled across a “Hibiscus” Vodka and my eyes light up like a Christmas Tree. I thought of flowers, I thought of the spring time, and I thought about how I literally don’t know ANYONE from the the hood that sips on Hibiscus…So why not be the first?

The challenge though came with finding the perfect thing to mix it with AND the right garnish. What did I do? I have five words: Lipton Iced Tea&Edible flowers.


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