Stanley Tucci

Some people in life you just don’t ever know HOW in the world you’re going to meet them…And then BOOM! GOD allows the miracle.

Stanley Tucci! I know he was in a TON of stuff before the “Pelican Brief” but seeing him in that is where I became a fan.

I thought he was BRILLIANT in the “Devil Wears Prada” and wickedly ENTERTAINING in “The Hunger Games.”

I was ALL set to talk to him about his roles until I found that he was also an AMAZING cook with some slammin’ recipes.

I took the liberty of trying out his recipe for his mussels and all I could say was “WOW!”

I also had the nerve to take pics of my version of his mussels and show them to him when he came by the show. Ha! Luckily, he was so impressed (because I did them family style) that he ended up autographing a personal copy of his book for me too.

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