SNOOP DOGG stops by THE HAPPY HOUR for my Gin&Ginger!

Snoop has ALWAYS been THAT DUDE.

The first time we met (a few years ago when he came on Sway’s show) he was calm, cool, and pretty much acted like the “Snoop” we’ve always seen in videos, movies, t.v. and heard on wax. I wasn’t sure HOW I was going to ask him for a pic, but then to my SURPRISE before he left out, he goes…”Hey Sway, before I leave can I FREESTYLE WITH HEATHER B???”

I really thought I was hearing things, but I wasn’t. LOL

I also wasn’t sure if I was more happy that Snoop said my name; Or by the fact that I was gonna get to freestyle with him.

Either way…it was MAD COOL!!! And the video circulated all over the place!!!

A hip hop MOMENT.

Fast Forward to 2016, Snoop is now a GUEST on my show (The Happy Hour with Heather B: I still do Sway In the Morning as well) and we finally get to catch up, laugh, sing, and I even made him a cocktail!

Check it out below:

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