I PROMISE YOU…This recipe is so easy that you will probably be making my Pink Hennessy EVERY WEEKEND!

The inspiration behind this one was so simple.  I noticed that MOST of my male friends were sipping Hennessy, while my light hearted female friends were passing on the cocktail without even trying it. And the most common excuse? (As to why they were passing on the drink) “Girl, I don’t drink BROWN liquor.”

Can’t say that I blamed them…However, EVERY PROBLEM HAS A SOLUTION! And the solution in this case  is……PINK!

As a female, it’s hard not to at least “try” something that’s pink. So many hours, bottles of black Henny, and strawberries later: I created what is now known as “PINK HENNESSY!”

It’s one of my most infamous recipes out of my collection…And surprisingly, even my MALE friends LOVE IT TOO!!!




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