People can say what they want, but I LOVE Wendy!
And the truth is…I’ve always liked her. I’ve been one of the few folks who have been able to have some one on one convos with her….And she REALLY does give GREAT ADVICE.

Oh so what she said x,y, and z about this one&that one. Let’s be honest, most people WANT to hear it whether they admit it or not.

People confuse liking Wendy with supporting gossip, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. I respect Wendy because she gives her HONEST opinion.

Folks that aren’t in the industry have NO IDEA how much brown nosing and butt kissing goes on…and Wendy has used her platforms to not be a butt kisser.

Love her or hate her, she’s Wendy! I respect her grind, her no fear to ask attitude, and the fact that she LOVES a good cocktail!

LOVE YOU WENDY! And keep “Saying it like you mean it!”