I was a bit hesistant to meet Wale because I had heard some things about him.

I’d heard he was moody and sometimes shows up to interviews with an attitude. Like for real…WHO needs that?

Well, let’s just say GOD put Wale in an interviewing and transparent mood this past Friday when Wale came to visit…and I must say I understand him now; AND like him.

For whatever reason, he walked in…spoke to everyone, gave me a hug, then asked if I “drinking coffee?” I told him, “No…but I am drinking a SPECIAL BLEND: Would you like one?”

He said, “I don’t believe you ain’t drinking coffee.” “It’s EARLY!” Then he picked up MY CUP and DRANK OUT OF IT like he was my boo.

After he took a sip, he said…”Oh yeah, I want one of your coffees.” We were OFF to a good start!

He spoke about the current state of the business, being signed to a deal before&being dropped, his love life, Jay Z being his idol and coming from DC: The home of GO-GO music.

He said, “Being a rapper from DC back then people used to laugh at me.” “I was an outcast as a mc…All people was used to in DC was go-go music.

He told so many different stories, which led him to admit that he does have a chip on his shoulder. And after listening to some of his journey I can now understand WHY.

Don’t get it twisted ya’ll, the road to this business can do that to you; And sadly, some of the people that you meet when you get there, make the chip even heavier.

The brighter side of “his chip” though, is that he hasn’t let it stop him from writing&recording good music or helping up&coming artists: He had 3 new artists with him that he was taking on the road soon.

After several sips of “the coffee” I made for him, I could tell he was getting comfortable because the answers to his questions became more intense and he even decided to play AN EXCLUSIVE to the dismay of his label rep.

He pulled out his phone and started blasting away the REMIX to “Bad” featuring Rihanna! Rihanna was on there rapping&singing too!!! It was sounding GOOD, but his label rep was just shaking his head like, “NOOOOO!!!”

Hey man…As far as I’m concerned, no one can say a bad word about Wale to me ANYMORE! His new album “THE GIFTED” comes out JUNE 25th and I’ll make him some of “my coffee” anytime his asks! Haha!!!