Okay, so my favorite Vivica Fox movie is not “SET IT OFF” or “SOUL FOOD” or “INDEPENDENCE DAY.” I LOVED Vivica in “TWO CAN PLAY THAT GAME.” If you haven’t seen it, it’s a comedy that sort of breaks down some of the “games” men&women play when they “break up” with someone. She starred in the film with Morris Chestnut and of course I had to ask her WHAT was it like kissing& rubbing all over that fine specimen “for work.” LOL! Without hestitation Vivica said, “MORRIS is THE BEST KISSER IN HOLLYWOOD!” After she said that, I went home and wrote THIS in my journal> “Dear God, Are you busy? Because I was wondering…Can you PLEASE put me in a movie w/Morris Chestnut and we can have a scene where I’m dying and he has to give me mouth to mouth?” Okay??? THANKS! Lol!