Believe or not, it’s been 20 YEARS since movie “MENACE TO SOCIETY” came out!

And although “BOYZ IN DA HOOD” came out first, “MENACE” was much rawer, and had a real feel to it.

I take nothing away from “B.I.D.H.” but one of the big differences was, “MENACE” didn’t have alot of known actors in it at the time.

Tyrin, who played “CAIN” in the film was an pratically an unknown himself, but looking back the casting director did a GREAT job at selecting some diamonds in the rough: Samuel L. Jackson, Larenz Tate, and of course Jada Pinkett Smith.

Tyrin came back to promote the 20th anniversary, but he was not short on words nor his opinion about WHO worked with him.

He said, “Jada (Pinkett Smith) worked with Tyrin Turner!” “Will saw her before she was in Menace.” “She auditioned for Fresh Prince, but he married her AFTER he saw her in Menace!” Ha!!! Gotta LOVE this man’s confidence.

I can tell he’s also sick of people talking about “how great Tupac would of been in MENACE” had he been in it.

For those of you that don’t know the back story, Tupac was suppose to be in film but disagreed with one the directors (Allen Hughes) about his character.

The disagreement turned into an agruement, the arguement turned into a fight, and the rest is an urban legend in terms of WHO beat up WHO.

“Tupac was RAPPER!” said Tyrin. “Other people was in that movie too&it was still great.” “What about Bill Duke, Larenz Tate, Jada and TYRIN TURNER???”

Not only did he often refer to himself in 3rd person, he also let us know that he could of been good at boxing had he stayed with it.

Honestly, he’s in GREAT shape…and although I know he can’t get into the ring now, I will say he has the charisma and bravado like a heavy weight.

We asked him, “What’s Next?” And surprisingly he told us that he&Jamie Foxx are really good friends and spend a great deal of time developing projects.

He was sort of stingy on the ideas, but I think after talking to him for a half hour…he needs to develop a comedy drama about a boxer who is past his prime because Tyrin is HILARIOUS! AND…Remember I told you!