Not gonna lie…it’s kinda tough “prepping” for an interview with Tommy Mottola. Most people know him from his marriage to Mariah Carey, but really his name has been associated in the industry since 1976. For those of you that were around back then, you remember the song “Cherchez La Femme?” The opening line is…”Tommy Mottola lives on the road!” (YouTube it!) He was instrumental in getting that group (Dr. Buzzard’s) their first major deal along with so many others: Hall&Oates, Celine Dion, Mark Anthony, Destiny’s Child, Jennifer Lopez: Honestly, the list is a MILE long. He did talk about the “new” state of the music industry and from what I gathered, if I was a new artist…I would NEVER sign to a major label. WHY? Becasue MOST artists have to sign 360 deals now. That means, the label owns a piece of EVERYTHING, including your show money!!! He did answer two questions that had NOTHING to do with the music biz though: He said he&Michael Jackson had made a mends because if you remember MJ said he was the devil! AND when Sway asked him if Mariah Carey could cook, he said…”Well, I know I can!” Hahaha!!!