Up until this past Friday, I had NO IDEA who “THE WANTED” was…but I do now and I LOVE them!!!

Long story short, they’re a British band (all in their 20’s) who are now taking the U.S. by storm: They also have a reality show about that will air on SUNDAY, June 2nd!

We had no idea WHAT we were gonna talk to them about when they came in, but for some reason the lint that was a Siva’s sweater (Siva is the far right) was bothering me, so I helped myself and started picking it off. WHY did I do that???

The moment we went LIVE on air, Siva says (in his sexy British accent) Sway, the lady here has sexually harassed me Ay! Hahaha!!!

Sway looked shocked. I busted out laughing…but WHAT better way to break the ice&start the interview than with a sexual harassment charge???

That “charge” led to them discussing how much easier it is to get American girls because of their accent and how they (the group) like to spend their down time drinking vodka!

Being the certified mixologist that I am, it was only right for me to offer them some of my “treats” (Coconut and Berry Ciroc) however I was NOT prepared for them to go “head up” on the bottles. YUCK!!!