Styles P came by the show last week&it wasn’t my first time meeting him, but it was my 1st time talking to him!

Now for those of you who don’t know who Styles P is…(Google him) you really need to get on your hip-hip game HARD.

I’ve always been a fan of is simply because he kept his style direct…and w/his gutter voice, every time he rhymes I just hear “hip-hop.” In terms of appearance, I respected the fact that he was NEVER flashy&I LOVED how he was just always “New York” dressed.

Hip hop however has never been without it’s “treats” (weed&alcohol) and luckily Styles was fresh in from a show…and 100% HUNGOVER!

Now me being the PRESIDENT of “The Cocktail Academy” I KNOW that the best way to deal with a hangover is…”You need a piece of the hair of the dog that bit you!” LOL!!!

Styles had NEVER heard of that phrase before, so I broke it down to him in lamens terms>>> “Styles, You NEED another drink!”

He agreed! LOL! So I poured him some D’usse. (And YES…that was at 10:30 AM!!!)

It was interesting talking to him though and although he has this “exterior” he spoke openly about how much he LOVES&PRAYS for his family (wife&kids).

And even after being in the game for all of these years, it was refreshing to hear that he still LOVES hip-hop: And is constantly writing, recording, and doing shows…YEARS LATER.

He did admit that he ALSO loves weed&does mushrooms when he’s by himself, but…he also said he’s paying heavy attention to what is going on in the world.
(He commented on ALL the current news.)

He’s a business man as well: He owns a juice bar in the Bronx and said that he& The Lox always split their albums deal down the middle 3 ways NO EXECPTIONS! “We’ve been broke together, so why shouldn’t we get rich together.”

We were sipping&talking so easily that we FORGOT he had to still do a LIVE performance on air! Needless to say, he either forgot or was drunk while he was rapping because he skipped so many lines to his songs that it was HYSTERICAL! LOL!!!

I didn’t care though…I LOVE STYLES P! And I’m glad he spilled the beans and told us that he, Jada Kiss&Sheek Louch have been in the studio recording&their songs will probably drop ANY DAY NOW!!!