3 years ago a good friend of mine said, “You remind me of Sommore.” I said, “The comedian?” “Yo, she’s funny as HELL!” “I ain’t got no jokes.”

He said, “Naw…Sommore ain’t jokes funny, she regular funny.” “Like, everyday like funny.” “The way she sees things&explains them.” “Her voice. Her observations. “She’s just FUNNY.”

Honestly, I didn’t get it. She’s a comedian, I’m not. What was the comparison? To me, my friend was talking apples&oranges so I…Moved on.

About a WEEK after my friend said that, I was hanging out with (comedian) Donnell Rawlings who happens to be a good friend of mine as well.

While hanging out&telling stories Donnell says, “Yo son (yeah he calls me son) You funny as hell!” “It’s like you’re regular real…that’s HARD TO FIND.”

I wanted to say, “Like Sommore?” but I was afraid that he would of said, “I ain’t say you was a comedian son…I just said, Your azz funny.” LOL!

I did however go back and tell my other friend what Donnell said and he said, “SEE! I told you!”

I didn’t tell my friend that I never mentioned Sommore or the comparison to Donnell…I just brushed it off, and kept Sommore “on my radar” as a person that I’ll probably meet&like one day.

Now for some “strange” reason, I just started to walk into the most RANDOM conversations about Sommore. And through those convos, I found out she was from NJ (like me) and that her and Nia Long (the actress) were sisters.

Don’t ask me HOW or WHY I was getting into those chats, but low&behold 3 years later (Jan. 2013) I would meet Sommore, but our meeting wasn’t documented.

We had THE PERFECT chat. It was like we were friends from back in day or something: It was CRAZY! We talked about EVERYTHING from NJ and how she wasn’t on television more hosting things.

She told me that “she didn’t know” why she hasn’t been offered to host more tv gigs, but she also wanted to be offered the right thing as well.

That same night, she invited me her comedy show at Carolines, but I told her…”Girl, I gotta go home firts and take this bra off.” “And when I do, ain’t no promises after that.” Needless to say, I never made it to Carolines: My 18 HOURS (on my bra) was UP! And I hadn’t seen or heard from Sommore since.

CUT TO: MAY 29th 2013!

In walks Sommore, who came by the show to promote her new SHOWTIME special “Chandelier Status.”

And not only did she have her own SHOWTIME special, my girl produced it as well. Sommore gave me the biggest hug then jumped on the mic, LIVE ON AIR, and said…

“Sway, I wanna thank YOU for coming to my show at Caroline’s.” “I invited somebody else in here, but SHE ain’t make it!” I yelled out, “NO…Sommore don’t say that!”

She said, “Naw…but I ain’t mad at my girl Heather.” “Heather is JUST LIKE ME.” “Heather told me, Sommore…I’m going home to take off my bra. And see when you in that D cup league and over 35 like me&Heather…You understand what THAT’S about.” “So I ain’t even MAD AT HER!” Hahahahaha!!!!

*I couldn’t believe she even REMEMBERED I told her that.

Man, we laughed the whole time while Sommore was there, but I did have a REAL question for her…that she didn’t hesitate to answer.

“Sommore, WHERE is Mo’Nique?” “I feel like she just disappeared off the face of the earth after she won the Oscar.”

Sommore goes, “Heather…I don’t know WHERE she is, but I saw pictures of her recently and I know she lost ALOT of dam weight!”

“Let me tell you something…You can’t let no Big B@^&! dropped down into you weight class.” “Now, I gotta go lose some weight!” Haha!!!

“If Mo’ go out and get a short haircut…people gonna think we the same!” “Oh..Hell naw!” Haha!!!

It was ALL in fun as she joked around about it…. However, she said “There was no need to do another Queens of Comedy…because the 1st one was classic.”

She also shared with us how HAPPY she was for Kevin Hart and all his success because she said, “Just a few years ago she promoted a comedy show with him&her on it…and he couldn’t sell out a theater: NOW, he’s selling out ARENAS! Life is crazy like that, huh?

Before she left, she told us she is working like crazy and will be in some new films as well: GOOD for her because I KNOW she’s gonna kill it!

Sommore was out the door, then turned around and said, “Oh yeah, HEATHER! Remember the last time we talked and you asked me HOW COME I’m not hosting more things on television?” I said…”Yeah, I remember.”

She continued…”Well girl, I’m the NEW HOST of “COMIC VIEW” on BET this year!” “I shoulda mentioned that on air.”

I said, “Sommore…I GOT YOU! I”m about to tell EVERYBODY!!!” She busted out laughing, gave me another hug and said “THANK YOU.”

Listen…Ya’ll make sure ya’ll support Sommore! As my friend Donnell Rawling would say, “She’s Regular Real!”