FUNNY STORY! For ALL you “Scandal” fans…You’re going to LOVE this one.

Long before there was an “Olivia Pope” there was me, I just didn’t know I was somewhat of a fixer for…”Interns.”

Everywhere GOD places me, he seems to bring young people into my life and I must say…I ENJOY talking& listening to them AND helping them deal with the “REAL WORLD.”

On this particular day, I was in the bathroom having a private meeting with my future “Gladiators” (Hala, Lindsey, and Sharifa)and out pops Bellamy Young…aka “Mellie” from Scandal complimenting on how much she LOVED our conversation! Haha!!!

I told her she has created a whole new word “pee-dropping” instead of eavesdropping…as we ALL shared a laugh.

I told Bellamy, “WE MUST take a photo in the BATHROOM because THIS will be a GREAT story to tell one day.” She agreed, and we all walked away with smiles and even bigger fans of SCANDAL. (Because Bellamy was SUPER NICE.)

I learned 2 things that day: “Bellamy” was not her given name. Her name is AMY, however when she went to register at SAG (which is the actors union) someone else already had the name “AMY YOUNG!” And Secondly, BEFORE you decide to have a meeting in the bathroom, CHECK underneath the stalls…you NEVER KNOW you may be pee-dropping! LOL!!!