Since I’ve been doing radio or even been in the entertainment industry, I could probably count on one hand the times when I actually…FREAKED OUT: Add meeting and talking to RON HOWARD as a total FREAK OUT moment.

Okay, FIRST you have to understand that he’s been a STAR for over 50 YEARS! 50! Which made me realize that we use the word “Legend” on the wrong people. LOL! RON HOWARD…is a LEGEND.

Secondly, in his 50 years of being a star…he’s been a man of character, vision, and totally survived the whole “child actor” curse.

In addition to that, his resume…Andy Griffin Show, Happy Days, A Beautiful Mind, Cocoon, Ransom, Apollo 13, and too many others to list. And here’s the KICKER; He’s been married to the same woman since 1975! How DOPE is THAT???

It was fascinating just listening to him talk. And I could tell from his mannerisms and how he chose his words, he was kind man.

Because of my curious nature, I asked him…If there was ANY film out there that he wish he could of done?

Surprisingly, he said “there were too many to name” and “as a human being, he’s asks himself what does other directors have that he doesn’t.”

I KNOW this may sound crazy, but it’s good to hear sometimes from folks who you think may so-called “HAVE IT ALL” ask the universe the same questions you at times.

Shout Out to Ron Howard…a TRUE living LEGEND!