I have NEVER seen one episode of “Modern Family” and THANK GOD Rico came in to talk about his new book and not the show. Speaking about his book, we found out so many things about him, his real life family, (his sister is an actress as well) and how smart he is. I have no idea what life is like as a child star, but I do know there were times when we were talking to him..it was like talking to a 40 year old man. LOL! I did wonder WHEN does this kid have time to be a kid? He works, he studies, he sleeps, he goes back to work…When does he play? Off air, the kid in me was playing with this magnet, skateboard-toy that I’d found in the closet; Rico looked at it and said…”Wow, that’s cool..what is it?” I said, A magnet-boy on a skateboard, HERE…you can have it.” He said, “REALLY? THANKS!” I guess no matter what in looks like on the outside…Somewhere in ALL of us, there is still a lil kid in there.