Some time ago I remember going to the premier of a movie called “Illegal Tender.” It was produced by director John Singleton and it also starred actress Wanda DeJesus who dates actor Jimmy Smits: (Google them if you’re not familiar.) Anyway, I remember thinking “Rick Gonzalez was a real natural…I wonder if he’ll have a big film career?) 6 years later in walks into the studio w/ Prodigy…one of the rappers from the rap group MOBB DEEP to promote his RAP mixtape!!! I was SHOCKED! As it turns out though, he signed to Prodigy’s record label and is putting out an album soon. The more we talked, he explained that “doing an album wasn’t compensation for not doing movies, it’s just that he’s always LOVED music.” He also told me that, “it was HARDER doing music being an actor.” Often times actors aren’t the best rappers, but Rick had no problem steppin’ up on the mic and doing a dope freestyle!