I had NEVER met anyone related to Quincy Jones. I know he has a son that works in the music biz&I knew at least 2 of his daughters worked in the industry as well, but I never met them. All of that changed when the TALENTED&FUNNY Rashida (Jones) came to visit and we chatted like long lost girlfriends. You would think the child of a music mogul and LEGEND was a spoiled brat that doesn’t have any personal accolades, but LIES!!! Rashida graduated from HARVARD>POW Has created her own comic book>POW Starred in several sitcoms>POW And she’s extremely nice>Double POW! The funny thing though, it turns out that she used to ride the bus to (elementary) school w/Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton: Sway asked Rashida, “Well how come they have sex tapes and you don’t?” She just started laughing and never answered…but I said, “YOU ain’t got no sex tape, cause your daddy is QUINCY JONES!” LOL!!! FYI> I still can’t believe QUINCY created the theme song for “Sanford&Son.” LEGENDARY!