I remember meeting Pusha T back when he&his brother (Malice) made up the rap group Clipse.

I knew they were from VA and got their push through Pharell, however I did not expect Pusha to eventually go solo one day and link up w/Kanye.

I’ve heard rumors that he was a writer for Kanye and that’s why he (Kanye) eventually signed him, but I also know that you can’t believe EVERYTHING you hear.

If he did write for Kanye though…WHOA! GOOD FOR HIM, those publishing checks MUST BE NICE!

It was interesting this time around talking to Pusha T though, turns out he grew up w/both parents and ended up selling drugs…”just because.” He makes a lot of bible references as well in his music, so of course I asked him if he was a Christian…and answered “YES” without hesitation.

I hope within the next 5 years Pusha T is running a label. I think from being in a group with his brother, to (allegedly) being a ghost writer, to becoming a successful solo artist…he’ll be able to help ALOT of up and coming artists.

And as for DJ PREMIER….WHAT can I say? He is…HIP HOP ROYALTY! Love you Preem!