I met Pusha T back in 2006 when he and his brother Malice were promoting “Hell Hath No Fury.” He was part of his group then…The “Clipse and they had a heavy buzz. It’s always crazy to me how a person can make a few decisions and things just drastically CHANGE. Pusha T went from folks not being able to tell the difference from him and his brother to rocking sold out shows with Kanye West! There has also been some controversy w/Pusha. The beef w/Lil Wayne, the illumanti whispers, etc. But he was fast to clear it ALL up. When he came by the show, it was CLEAR he ain’t thinking about NO BEEFS and he told me personally that he grew up in the church so all his bible and GOD references are influences from his mama AND grandmama! AMEN!!!…Because I thought I was gonna have to throw my holy water on him. Haha!