Before we start…YES! That’s Sway in the background photo bombing my pic AGAIN! He is such a>>>Hater! LOL!

Anyway, Omarosa came by the show because she was booted off of All-Star celebrity Apprentice last week.

On the surface Omarosa is intimidating, but I know all too well the difference between a bark and a bite: I also know the power of editing&television.

Now, I wouldn’t get it twisted and call her soft, but after talking with her (mostly off air) I’m comfortable with saying that Omarosa is bilingual: She’s knows when to get hood or go hollywood; It just depends who’s watching.

She talked about how she’s suing Latoya Jackson for hurtful comments Latoya allegedly made about the death of(actor&Omarosa’s now deceased fiance) Michael Clarke Duncan.

Omarosa said she gave Latoya a chance to apologize, but Latoya refused, so she’s continuing with the suit.

Omarosa also said she’s a minister. I thought that was interesting because it lead me to ask her, “HOW come christians can’t punch people in the face?” After she jokingly said, “Had it been a different time…I would of brought out the Ohio projects on her.” (Her being Latoya: Ohio Projects…I guess that’s where Omarosa grew up.)

She was also open about how Oprah gave her business advice, but Sway&I noticed how she was carefully choosing her words as she tried to quote Oprah.

THAT prompted Sway to ask her, “Did Oprah using use the B-word when she was talking to you?” LOL! Omarosa wouldn’t answer, so I took it upon myself to say…

“Sway, THIS is what Oprah said to Omarosa…since Omarosa is a minister and can’t say it:” Oprah said, “Biiiiiitch you have to be a strong bi@*% if you wanna survive in this business! Okaaaay Biiiiiiiitch!” Omarosa’s faced turned PINK, but then she gave me a fist bump! LOL!!!

Now, do I believe Omarosa is a holier than thou minister?…Ummm, That’s not for me to say. LORD KNOWS I tell people I’m a christian, however my disclaimer is…I’m “UNDER CONSTRUCTION.” LOL!

Between my language, beverage count, and grudge holding abilities it’ll be a while before I can take my “hard hat” off…but I’m trying and maybe in some ways she is too.

No matter how she chose to portray herself on television, I wish Omarosa lots of luck&blessings. No matter how Oprah said it, you do have to be a strong woman to survive in this game and an even stronger PERSON to literally “watch” the man you love die right before your eyes.

She said she’s working on a few projects (where she’ll be behind the scenes) and I take it she will continue to work on behalf of THE MICHAEL CLARKE DUNCAN Foundation.