I was pleasantly SURPRISED after talking to Omarion. He had ALOT to say about music, the industry, but really he had my eyebrows “UP” when we got on the subject of women. He told me that he met his newest love interest at the gym and for Valentine’s Day he was gonna give her off w/a “starter kit.” Of course I had NO IDEA what that was, so he broke it down to me like this. “Heather, when you start out with a girl…you don’t wanna give her too much. You don’t want her to get the wrong impression over a gift.” He also went on to explain to me that since he’s been in the biz he tests women by starting arguements just to see HOW they respond to things. Oh what a typical SCORPIO he is! LOL Anyway, I got to the bottom of what he considers to be a “starter kit” as a gift in a new relationship> A Celine Bag.

Not bad Omarion…Not bad.