I don’t know about you, but I remember Niecy Nash from “Clean House” when she use to wear flowers in her hair all the time.

When I was HOOKED on “Clean House” and would tell folks about it, people would say…”That’s the lady from Reno 911!” I had NO IDEA what they were talking about because I NEVER watched that and when I did find it…I didn’t get it.

They hired a new host for “Clean House,” I stopped watching and to me it seemed Niecy had disappeared for a minute.

Then last year she popped up again! I saw her on her reality show, wedding special, and then on Soul Man with Cedric The Entertainer: I was HAPPY for her.

She came by the show RECENTLY to chat about the NEW season of “Soul Man” (airing JUNE 19TH) and to promote her NEW book…”It’s Hard Fight Naked.”

It’s a relationship/advice book with some INTERESTING theories on how to keep your relationship happy&healthy: She also shared some of her personal stories.

Sway was out when Niecy came, so I had to interview her by myself&discuss some of the DETAILED things she put in her book.

“AWKWARD” wasn’t the word to describe how I felt asking her theories on oral sex, especially with her husband sitting in the room with us.

Niecy FEELS you should perform oral sex on your partner EVERYDAY: I FEEL, “ARE YOU CRAZY?” Who the hell has time for that? Man…Neicy trying to take cocktails, or should I say cock-tales to a WHOLE ‘nother level. Ha!

Of course after her “oral” theories the phone lines LIT UP like a christmas tree…and her husband was GRINNING the whole time.

I also asked her to explain the statement “I believe that when you get married, you make a vow to fulfill your commitment to the person standing in front of you that very day.”

“But if the terms of the agreement change-if you or your mate changes your core values, if either of you has failed to disclose pertinent details-the contract’s null and void.”

She also stated, “I don’t mean to say that people can’t change; I just mean that we sometimes need to review the contract before we re-up another year.”

THAT was a little confusing to me so I needed to know how she felt about the “for better or worse” part that are also in your vows.

Niecy explained that she sorta lives by the “I love you TODAY” code: What she feels TODAY, may not be the case tomorrow.

All I could say to that was…”Niecy, WHAT is your sign?” And with the biggest smile on her face she said, “Pisces.”

I’m no astrologer, but at that moment, it ALL made sense. Pisces! The Fish! The constant “MOVER.” Haha!

From Reno 911, to Clean House, to Soul Man, to once REALLY being married to minister, to being happily married TODAY&jumping on her book cover wearing nothing but a sheet and boxing gloves…Niecy Nash is the epitome of “KEEPIN IT MOVIN” And I can’t be mad at her for that!

Go get her book…She has some interesting theories that will surely have you&your friends debating for days.