Before you ask…YES! Sway is a PROFESSIONAL photo bomber! LOL

Anyway, Nick Lachey has been one of those people in my mind that I felt like, “If I ever get to meet him…I think he would be cool in person.” And he WAS!!!

He was so nice to everyone&even the callers called to say that when they see him in Ohio (he’s from Cinncinati) he’s always just down to earth.

I didn’t want to bring up Jessica Simpson (he’s first wife) because he’s now married to&has a kid w/actress&host Vanessa Minnillo, but his “Newlywed” show w/Jessica is where I started liking him.

I mean let’s face it…I wasn’t a fan of 98 Degrees (who by the way are going back out on tour this summer w/The BackStreet Boys&Boys II Men) and I couldn’t name 1 song that they sang, but I liked “the man” he was on show.

I had even heard that back when he&Jessica were divorcing…he didn’t want any money…even though she was blowing up left&right. I don’t know about you, but there’s alot to be said about a man like that. That’s a good guy in my book.

He came by to promote his new (solo) album, “A Father’s Lullaby” which are cover songs dedicated to his son. He said he got the idea because he’s newborn would cry&he would always sing to him…and BOOM! He decided to make a male- lullaby album.

Sway says, “the album will put you to sleep!” But THAT”S what it’s suppose to do fo the baby. I don’t have kids, but the next person I know that’s having one, is getting a (PAID FOR) Nick Lackey lullaby album from me: I’m always down to support a good man.