I remember back in the day, the big trend was: Compare&Choose!” Britney or Christina? BackStreet Boys or N’Sync? etc. In Monica’s case she was constantly compared her to Brandy…and I always thought it was unfair to both of them. The big trend these days is…Celebrities Couples are their reality shows. I personally think it’s a “jinx” so I was happy when Monica was at the show and said, “her and Shannon have NO INTEREST in doing a show.” We didn’t pry too much in their marriage, because interestingly enough Monica spoke ALOT of GOD and how HE is 1st in their life. They came by to promote a charity event they were having in Chicago (Shannon’s hometown) (Hosted by Jenelle and Sway) and I was happy to see how supportive they were of one another. I don’t know WHAT goes on behind their closed doors and after meeting them, I NEVER wanna know. Whatever they are doing is working for them…so if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!