PLEASE don’t ever make the mistake of calling Miss USA “Miss AMERICA” or vice versa…they get so offended!

Luckily, Erin was COOL. She came in happy, dancing, and pretty much STILL in shock that she is “MISS USA!”

I asked her how long has she been in pagents and with her bright, round, eyes she said…”2 years.” “Up until then I had a regular job in corporate America, NOW I live in New York City.”

She also shared that her parents drank alot, so she’s not a big drinker…but she does like wine. Whew! I thought she was one of those goody-two-shoes that just ranted on&on about world peace, but I must say Erin was super down to earth.

She was also honest about the whole weight thing and staying in shape, yet she wasn’t rail thin either.

Personally, I never understood the whole “beauty queen” mentality, but man do I LOVE a crown! Ha!
Erin was nice enough to let me put it on while she posed as “runner up!”

After talking to her…I can now say all beauty queen are not the same. Erin is cool girl, who had a boring azz job, then decided to “DO HER!” LOVE IT!!!