So, my mother has given me this BEAUTIFUL piece that I wear around my neck from time to time. It’s special to me, so I don’t wear it alot. I happen to wear it the day Michael came to the show though and during the interview I’d noticed that Michael KEPT staring at my neck. FOR REAL…My neck started to get warm, like I had just swallowed a good piece of sweet potato pie, and I think I was starting to have visions, but my mouth wouldn’t open. HAHA!!! Finally, he said to me…”I can’t help but notice the piece around your neck; Is it a family heirloom?” I know I said, YES and that my mother gave it to me, but FOR REAL…my neck was so warm and his eyes were so BLUE…I have NO IDEA what he said afterwards> I was just ready to take it off and give it to him! Hahahahaha!!!