I had NO IDEA that Mark Burnett was married to Roma Downey.
I had NO IDEA the “Roma Downey” was the name of the lady that used to play on “Touched By An Angel” w/Della Resse. (That was one of my FAVORITE shows back in the day.)
I had NO IDEA that Della Reese was the GODMOTHER of Roma’s&Mark’s children.
I had NO IDEA that Roma was a spiritual therapist w/ several degrees in theology.
I had NO IDEA that Mark Burnett was a christian&a WARRIOR for CHRIST!

It was absolutely FASCINATING meeting&speaking with them. They were peaceful, inviting, and just not what you “expect” when you meet an actress&her exec.producer husband. (Like for real GOOGLE Mark Burnett&check out his resume.)

With all the reality tv hits under his belt, I had NO IDEA that he&his wife were spear heading “THE BIBLE.”

They said they wanted to do it because “the story” needed a visual upgrade&they wanted to spread THE WORD about Christ to the youth by doing so.

I watched it! And apparently so did MILLIONS of others…it became the highest rated show ever on the History Channel&one of the most watched mini-series!

I was so happy for them&I hope they continue to spread THE WORD.