Okay, so you gotta sort of a tv buff to understand& aprreciate this picture.

For some of you newbies you may recognize “Marilu” from Celebrity Apprentice, but for the folks of my generartion Marilu aka Elaine from the tv show “TAXI” was the bomb!

It was 2 things that SURPRISED me about her:

1. She’s 61 YEARS OLD. She looks FANTASTIC!!!


2. She has Autobiographical Memory. Which means, she can recall the vast majority of personal experiences and events in her life.

Now, I’d NEVER heard of anything like that…so I was excited to put her to the test and see EXACTLY how that works.

Man…when I tell you she not only nailed the dates, but the DAYS certain events happened..she was able to go back 45 YEARS with some things to: She even was able to tell us what she wore. It was FREAKY!

She tried to convince us that, most people can do the same thing IF they “recall” their day each night before going to bed. She further explained that EVERYTHING we see&do is “stored” and we are able to pull it up.

I begin to think though..Do I really wanna remember when I had the curly kit&glasses? LIES!!!

I did ask her though, “With having a gift to REMEMBER things has it been hard on your relationships?” With the quickness she said, “YES!!! And maybe that’s why I’ve been married 3 times!” LOL!