I hadn’t heard of Macklemore when they came by the show, but when they got finished performing I KNEW the world would soon know their name. He performed a song called “THRIFT SHOP” and spoke about shopping there, but I told him…I like shoes, and I hardly ever buy mine at a THRIFT SHOP: He thought that was funny. Macklemore is from Seattle and he along w/Ryan Lewis put their album out independently and sold a bunch of records the first week: They have continued to do well. What I loved most about Macklemore though, during the interview he was so open& honest about his passion for music, his past history (that included drug abuse, etc) that it was refreshing. It didn’t come across as “I’m saying this to sell records.” Now to me, the female singer (Mary) that was with them is the SECRET WEAPON in that group if you ever go see them live. Her voice is so soulful and so moving that I asked her…”What’s the name of the black lady that lives inside of you Mary?” Haha