I think I’ve liked EVERY movie that I’ve seen Luke Wilson in! “Blue Streak”
“Legally Blonde” “Charlie’s Angels”….you get my drift. I told him he was cute and he plays a good boyfriend in movies and he told me, “for a while there ALL I was getting was boyfriend roles. ” LOL! I added that it’s because he looks like (especially in person) he can live next door to you…and he has a VERY friendly disposition. He came by to talk about his televsion show “ENLIGHTENED” but seriously he couldn’t escape calls and questions about his film career. 2 girls actually called to ask him, “If Cameron Diaz” was a great kisser? SURPRISINGLY, LUKE SAID…”Cameron is EVERYTHING you can imagine!” “She’s one of those people who you THINK might be GREAT, but then when you meet her, work with her, and hang out with her…you’re like YEAH! SHE’S GREAT!!!” So yeah…I take it Cameron was a GREAT kisser. LOL! And last but certainly not least, I felt a lil bad that I was having a cocktail when Luke walked in; I somewhat apologized since it was before 12pm, but then HE SAID, “Well, I’ve been known to have one before then as well.” WHOA! Tune Up Luke!!! I didn’t chance to make him a cocktail on air, but AFTER the show was over I went out into the hallway&gave him one MY SPECIALTIES. I can’t wait to see Luke again one day to ask him…”Was I great too?” LOL!!!