I’d never met Theresa before she came to the show, nor had I’d seen her tv show, The Long Island Medium. Word was…Theresa has “a gift” where she’s able to communicate with spirits and tell people about their folks who have passed on.

Ummm…I was a little skeptic. Not because I don’t believe in that, but because Slyvia Browne (another so called physic) had just been in the news. Slyvia had gone on The Montel Williams show some time ago and told the mother of Amanda Berry (one of the girls who was held captive in that house in Ohio for over 10 YEARS) that her daughter was DEAD.

A year after Slyvia told that to Amanda’s mother, the mother died probably believing that her daughter was dead too.

Well, as it turned out…Slyvia was WRONG. Amanda was indeed ALIVE&as far as I’m concerned Slyvia Browne is now the new “Ms. Cleo.”

And besides being skeptic…I was just TIRED. It had been a long week&I needed a break. The LAST thing I wanted to deal with is some physic chick coming in trying to promote her show. WHATEVA!

Theresa was EXTREMELY friendly when she walked in, but she noticed that I had a picture of Slyvia Browne in front of me. She asked “what was it?” So I told her the story&she said…..”WOW!”

It was hard to tell whether it was a good or bad WOW, but “I” got the sense that she thought Slyvia was full of it…so I instantly took a liking to Theresa. Ha!

I told Sway Theresa wouldn’t be able to “read me” because my Jesus ring was too strong around me, but she can read someone else; And it took less than 5 minutes before her cheery disposition seemed as if it had “stepped out” of the room.

She wasn’t mean or anything, but imagine you’re having a conversation with someone, but then they look as if they’re saying…”Can you hear that?” But you don’t hear ANYTHING. That’s how she was.

She started saying things like, “Who’s mother passed?” Yeah Theresa, good one. It’s 12 people in the room…Of course there are GREAT odds that someone lost a mother. She got quiet again, then said: “The person I’m talking about, lost their mother when they were a child.”

Oh shoot…Is she REALLY gonna start to giving details? Before she could though, ONE person in the room raised their hand and said…”I lost my mother when I was younger.”

The room fell silent.

She then gave a SPECIFIC date and asked him, “What does that mean?” He said, “It was my mom’s birthday.”

WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WTF is going on?????

Then she gave ANOTHER date, and asked the SAME question, he said…”That’s when she died.”

The hairs on my body raised up&I almost begin to cry.

She confirmed some other things to him along with another person in the room&in between songs…she was friendly&jolly as if it NEVER happened.

Since she was doing this LIVE on air, the phone lines started to LIGHT UP; but she told us she really don’t like to do it over the phone…it’s better IN PERSON.

Her mood shifted again though and she told Sway, OFF AIR…”There’s someone on the phone though that has an issue with a grandfather…and baby.”

Because she had NO carnal way of KNOWING who was on the phone, we had to take the LIVE calls&it was the second caller who started to tell this story and SURE ENOUGH…the girl was sad because her grandfather died before her graduation. AND not only THAT…she named her child after him.

The girl was SCREAMING with joy over the phone because Theresa told her…”Your grandfather was at your graduation and he said to tell you x, y, and z.”

Whatever that “x,y, and z” was hit home so hard that the girl became inaudible over the phone. She was crying&screaming so loud…that we could no longer hear her: It was UNBELIEVABLE.

Unfortunately, our time was up with Theresa…but there was no doubt in my mind that she wasn’t the real deal after watching her in action.

Here was the funniest thing though…I guess she “felt” I initially was skeptic, because before she left Sway asked her to come back again&co-host with us one day and she said…”YES! I will…because this poor girl (and she pointed to me) NEEDS a VACATION!!!