I’ve always found boxing interesting for the simple fact that, it’s ALWAYS seemed shady. LOL!

So much money at stake, so many loud mouths, so many split decisions, and the cherry on top…Where does it happen? In Vegas!!!

Over the past year, I’ve had the opportunity to meet and talk to a few of the greats when it comes to boxing…Mike Tyson, Bernard Hopkins, Don King, and now the manager of Floyd “Money” Mayweather, LEONARD ELLERBE.

I’m sure I’m in the minority when I say, “I don’t think Floyd Mayweather is a bad guy.” In fact, I think his attitude, bravado, and even his flashing of the dollars bills is keeping boxing ALIVE. And not only does Floyd knows that (and uses it to his advantage) so does BOXING…and uses it to sell pay per views.

I asked Leonard about the shadiness of boxing&how does a person get in to boxing, promoting, etc…and sure enough his answer was just as shady as the sport itself. LOL!!!

He said, “it’s not like any other sport.” “There’s no particular school or anything you can go to for it…You just have to be around it.”

You know when a person doesn’t say much…but HOW they say it answers your question? THAT”S what I got! LOL!!!

41.5 MILLION is what Floyd Mayweather and his mgt. team is making on Sept. 14 2013 for the fight against Canelo. Imagine, that’s doesn’t even include t-shirt and other merchandising money.

The one thing that Leonard did speak about in detail was how Floyd ALWAYS wanted to OWN his brand. With Floyd’s father&uncle both being former boxers and Floyd Jr. growing up around the sport, I’m sure he heard ALL the crazy&shady stories about the business and how boxers where being taken advantage of.

Do your homework…how many boxers have retired RICH? And I wonder if George Foreman hadn’t gotten on with that company to start licensing his name, ex. George Foreman Grills: Where would he have been?

We didn’t get into Floyd’s personal business about the domestic violence charges, although I will say if he did hit a woman…ANY woman, that is 1000000% wrong!!!

Leonard did say though that Floyd had time to think about a lot in jail…and that he’s even more focused: And he and his “money” team seem to be making history in the boxing world.

Floyd Jr. is the highest paid athlete IN THE WORLD right now. Higher than Lebron, Kobe, A-Rod, all of them…yet folks will argue that boxing IS NOT a team sport. Well, after talking and LISTENING to Leonard (Floyd’s manager) I can now vehemently disagree! Boxing IS a TEAM sport>>> It’s called THE MONEY TEAM! And they are at the helm of it!