When I saw this pic I thought…with his nice dark complexion&my “creamy” hue… don’t we look like a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup? Hahaha!!!!

I LOVED the fact that Lance dropped by to visit w/shades on because he was hungover. Hungover&all…he was still VERY easy on the eyes.

I was also happy about that the question came up about his smooth skin&the secret to it. Believe it or not he said…”it’s MAGIC SHAVE!”

Now for you younger folks, thank THE LORD you’re not old enough to remember how STINKY that stuff was when your father or uncles used it to shave their faces w/that butter knife.

For us “older” heads, THANK GOD…they have it new&improved with no aroma and men don’t have to use the butter knife any more either.

As for Lance…he has a bunch of new films coming out as well as a possible action series on NBC. Either way…I’ll be watching, wacthing him that is!