I have NEVER one met person in my life that ever said, “I don’t like Rudy.”

I had heard that Keisha doesn’t like to be called “Rudy” so I told Sway we should be careful not to let it slip out. LOL!

Sway…being Sway asked her do people still call her that and if dudes scream out Rudy when she’s being intimate. He’s sooo CRAZY, but just in case you’re wondering…she laughed and said “NO!”

Some folks may find this corny, but I have a secret wish to meet ALL of the “Cosby kids.” (So far, I’ve met Theo, Olivia, and now Rudy.)

It was surprising to find out that Keisha was “a Delta” that she graduated from Spelman, has her own charity, and is a BIG FAN of the song…”Keisha” by CA$H OUT.

Off air, she was REALLY cool as we talked compared nail designs&danced to the music.

She came on the show to promote “Splash” (you know that tv show were celebrities learn how to dive) and kill the myth that black girls can’t swim.

I’d seen the commercials for the show, but I had NO IDEA that’s what it was about and after meeting Keisha I was so excited to watch it.

FYI…THIS IS NOT A SPOILER ALERT because I’m not sure if the show is even on, but KEISHA got kicked off the FIRST epidsode! LOL!!!

So much for the myth killing, but atleast Keisha looked GREAT in her bathing suit. LOL!