EVERYONE best remembers Julia from “Save The Last Dance” and maybe “The (Jason) Bourne” films. She was in all 3>>> Bourne Identity, Supremacy, and Ultimatum. Now, I knew she wasn’t in the new installment of the Bourne films, so I had no idea why she was coming by the show, but as it turns out she is now doing a YOUTUBE series called “BLUE.”

In it she plays a single mother with a 13-year-old son by day and an escort by night. Crazy role for her, but what’s even crazier is that shows on YOUTUBE, Netflix, etc. are becoming extremely popular. She said she LOVES the creative freedom of being able to work on a platform like that, although the money is not the same as working on a major network or cable station.

I could be wrong, but Julia Stiles ALWAYS seemed like the kinda of chick that was real easy going&just did whatever she wanted to do. She was super cool off air as we spent MOST of the time talking about whether or not Beyonce’s new song, “BOW DOWN” was hot or not.

The song has been the topic of music conversation for a while now because it seems to be “out of character” for Beyonce. Beyonce is known for her female empowerment music and lyrically this song, well atleast the title suggests that chicks need to “worship” her.

Personally, if Beyonce did hip-hop this song would be no big deal. In fact, Ice Cube came out with a song called “Bow Down” some years ago AND Jay Z &Kanye suggests that we all, “Watch The Throne” according to their album title. Biggie was king, Nas was a pharoah, Latifah is queen, Lil Kim is Queen B, there was also Queen Pen…I mean really, it never stops.

I think we’ve all put on a hot outfit or did something that we were proud of and then jokingly said ourselves, “Fools gonna have to bow down when they see me in this.” LOL It CAN BE silly self-empowerment, but you can’t take it too seriously.

Initially Julia didn’t quite understand what the whole concept of “BOW DOWN Bitc…” meant, but after we broke it down to her in “actor’s” termanology she caught on quickly. So after we had her say “BOW DOWN Bitc…” for the 3rd time, she blurted out…..”WOW! That is empowering!”