Let’s face…music AIN’T what it used to be. I may sound like an ol’ head, however I’m a product of listening to Luther&Patti “sang” while my moms&aunts fried chicken and played cards.

A product of smelling cigarette smoke in the living room while my father “sang” along to Smokie, The Temptations, or Teddy.

Inspired! By the rhymes of some of the greatest lyricist to EVER spit on a mic (Run-Dmc, KRS-One, Rakim, etc.) over sampled music from James Brown, Barry White, etc.

So when I hear a lot of “new” artists…I’m usually like “blah” but that wasn’t the case when it came down to JOHN LEGEND.

I didn’t even KNOW until the other day that John played piano on Lauryn Hill’s “Everything is Everything” or that he sang background vocals on Alicia Keys “You Don’t know My Name” because I fell in love with him AFTER that.

I was introduced to his music from Kanye’s and Common albums. And then I REALLY fell in love with his voice after hearing him sing “ORDINARY PEOPLE!” I must say, me&my cousin Aiesha do mean kar-e-okee version of that song.

It really enjoyed sitting down and talking to John for the first time. He was very engaging…and surprisingly he sang ALOT!

He talked about his fiancé Chrissy Teigen and how HAPPY she makes him and he also talked about working with Kanye: He said Kanye helped out ALOT on his new album “LOVE IN THE FUTURE.”

I haven’t chance to listen to his entire album yet, however so far “Who do We Think We Are” and “Made To Love” are my runaway faves.

John will be on tour this year with Tamar Braxton… They’re coming to NY on Oct. 28th&29th at the Beacon Theater: I may go check them out!