Call me silly, but this man has ALWAYS scared me on screen: He even scared me in 3rd Rock from the Sun!

Until I read his bio, I didn’t know he was in “All That Jazz” “Terms of Endearment” or “Footloose,” I just remember him as the CREEPY mad man in that Denzel Washington movie “Ricochet.”

OMGosh! He scared the life out of me…And there was NOTHING I could ever do to shake it until he came to the show recently.

What a nice man! EXTREMELY smart (He graduated from Harvard) EXTREMELY creative (He’s done tons of voice over work as well as CHILDREN’S books) and EXTREMELY engaging: We talked more while the music was on that off!

I found out he likes to cook, he’s a self-professed couch potato, he loves to watch sports, paint, AND….I also learned that he wanted to be a painter: Not an actor when he was a kid.

What was even MORE surprising…John has been rocking since 1972 and he has movie scheduled until 2015…that’s 43 YEARS!

After doing the math….How do you not wanna pick the brain of someone who has managed to be SUCCESSFUL at his craft for 43 years?

And not just “his craft” but he’s been able to form other streams of revenue: Children’s books, paintings, etc.

Clearly my “fear” of John Lithgow is gone. I’ve actually gone from FEAR to FASCINATION when I looked at the body of his work and had a chance to talk to him about how…”at ease” he is with all of it.

I’m 23 years in. LOL! I can only PRAY to GOD that he’ll continue to keep me wise, creative, honest and growing in HIS SPIRIT.