How come I don’t want her name to be Jamie? LOL She will FOREVER be “Meadow” Soprano to me, and only because she played that part to the T! I told how we once were both seeing a casting director on the same day (shout out to Joseph Middleton) and he says “Heather, Do you wanna meet Jamie Lynn Seigler?” I was like, “Ummm…ok, but who’s THAT?” He said, “Oh, nevermind. She’s really nice though. She came in to discuss the film as well.” I said “Oh cool. Has she done other stuff?” He smiled and goes, “Heather…she plays MEADOW SOPRANO” I was like, “Well WHY you ain’t say…Do you wanna meet MEADOW SOPRANO? I don’t know who the hell Jamie Lynn Seigler is!” Haha!!! She cracked up laughing when I told her that too! >Good Sport<