Many of you may not know who Isabella Rosellini is, however after spending 20 mins with her…you’d want to know even more about her.

I remembered her from back in the day when she used to do perfume commercials for Lancome. I also knew she was an actress, but I can’t tell you the movies she’s been in off hand. LOL!

Isabella came by to promote MAMMAS: A film where she plays non-traditional creatures&the different ways their maternal instinct are put into action.

The film sounded a bit crazy, but what was even crazier talking to her “Off-Air” here’s what I found out:

She said while doing research for the film she discovered that dolphins&deer can be gay!

I busted out laughing&when she asked why, I told her… “Santa Claus figured that out first!” “Think about it…There was Dancer, Prancer, Dasher, Comet, Vixen, Cupid, Donner&Blitzen: And they were ALL following behind Rudolph with a RED NOSE!” LOL!!!
She CRACKED UP laughing too.

I also found out the she was once married to legendary director Martin Scorcese. WHO KNEW!

For a 60 year old woman she was FUN&a GOOD SPORT: She helped us pronounce “Italian” words&designers correctly.

She said our biggest hurdle is that we replace t’s with d’s. For instance, we say WAR-DA..instead of Wa-Ter. SO TRUE!

She also broke it down to us how you won’t find meatballs&spaghetti or baked ziti w/meat in it in Italy either. She explained “those are AMERICAN dishes.”

I plan on going to Italy one day to shop, drink wine, and be fancy…I will DEFINITELY pronounce my T’s, but I won’t be ordering an baked Zee-dee! LOL!