I had NEVER heard of this girl until she walked into the studio.

She was VERY friendly and really cute, but seemed out of touch in a room full of hip-hoppers.

She KNEW who Sway was and he was VERY familiar with her background (you gotta love that MTV) but in my case when I don’t know folks, I just do what I do best: I say…”Hey, What’s up with you?”

She said “GREAT!” and then asked me, “Is it always this many people in the room everyday?” LOL

The answer was yes (as she looked at all 12 of us) but I explained to her that it takes ALOT to run a radio show on the level that Sway has his.

Chatting some more I found out she was Canada, she doesn’t really listen to hip-hop, and she spent a great deal of time with Justin Beiber on tour: But she WOULD NOT dish any dirt on him.

It was funny because Sway KEPT asking her if she saw Justin puffin any weed…LOL, but she would just say “OMGOSH!” and move on to the next question.

I will tell you this though, WHOEVER is training this girl in terms of media relations “KUDOS!” because she’s a hard nut to crack.

Finally, Sway put her song on and “OH that’s YOU???” came out of my mouth. LOL!!!

“I know that song!” I said “It reminds me of the song that was in White Chicks too!” (A THOUSAND MILES-by Vanessa Carlton)

She laughed, but her face said…”THESE negroes in here are crazy as hell.” LOL

I’m saying though, I LOVE my fair share of music…but when I’m home on Saturday frying chicken I ain’t really blasting Carly Rea like that.

She did have on some bad azz shoes though:I told her so…and Sway even invited her back. I DOUBT if she’s coming back, LOL but at least now when that song comes on I’ll know who sings it.

Truth be told: It is catchy as hell!