“Oooh daddy” is all I could say when this cutie came in the studio. He said he plays somebody named “Damon” on that VAMPIRE DIARIES show, I say…he looks like a young Rob Lowe. (Google Rob Lowe if you have no idea who I’m talking about.)

I’ve never seen 1 EPISODE of “Vampire Diaries” but apparently this guy is very popular because when I left the building there were A TON of girls waiting outside just to take a look at him.

On air, there were girls calling up and just GIGGLING..which was CRAZY, but the craziest was a mother who called to see if she could hook him up with her daughter who he’s NEVER seen. THANK GOD my mother ain’t crazy!

Ian was a good sport about all of out though, however he said “off-air” that he has a girlfriend. Girlfriend or not, he let me squeeze on his muscles because I told him they “didn’t look real.” FYI>>>That’s just my trick to get a squeeze. LOL!

He in turn, told me…”my cheeks didn’t look real,” so he gave me a kiss. (See next photo) I guess one good trick, deserves another! LOL