Okay, so if you’re not up on School Boy Q and the whole Black Hippy Movement, don’t feel bad; I just got up on it all LAST YEAR.

The Black Hippy Movement started out on the West Coast which consists of a supergroup of rappers including Kendrick Lamar and Ab-Soul just to name a few.

He&his crew have been genius at promoting their brand which includes T.D.E. (Top Dawg Entertainment) and I’m sure what they don’t make in show money they are racking up in merchandising. (FYI…I told him I wanted the pink T.D.E. he was wearing in the photo. Lol! Pink is my FAVORITE color.)

SchoolBoy has been on the show before to talk about the “Black Hippy Movement,” to freestyle, and to discuss how much weed he smokes so this time we did something different with him.

We let him sit-in and answer relationship questions from callers and I was truly surprised at some of the advice he gave.

When most men are hesistant to get married and/or stay committed, he told one caller to…”go on ahead and get down on one knee bro, what you waiting for?” I don’t know about you, but you just don’t hear that coming out of a 26 year old rapper’s mouth.

The Scorpio in me thought maybe he was trying to win some female fans over by making the “get married” statement until a female called wanting advice on how to approach a man that she likes.

School Boy told her, “females should NEVER make the first move.” He broke down why and basically he explained that females tend to come across desparate when they make the first move. I AGREE!!!

I was fan of his before and after his advice segment I’m now an even bigger fan; I like a man who speaks HIS TRUTH.

When the interview was over and we were “off-air” he said, “HB…What’s your address?” “HUH? My address??? He goes, “Yeah. I want to send you a pink hoody AND a hat to go with it.”

“WOW…that’s what’s up!” He speaks his mind AND he’s a giver I thought to myself; Which naturally caused me to ask him the million dollar question>>> “SchoolBoy, what’s your sign?”

And as only one could…he smiled and said, “SCORPIO.”
(Haha! I should of known.)

I’ll let ya’ll know if I get the hoody&the hat: Rappers be lying, but I got a good feeling about School Boy!