I’ve NEVER watched 30 ROCK, but as soon as Grizz walked through the door I was like…”YO, He’s on 30 ROCK???” FYI> Grizz is 7 FOOT TALL and 400+ pounds. His wife is 4 foot 11inches and weighs about 130. Haha!!! Here’s the craziest part though…I’d NEVER met this dude before and while he was leaving out he goes, “Heather, How’s Horse (my husband) we used to work together.” I was SHOCKED. When I got home I asked Horse…”Is his real name Grizz?” Horse goes…”It’s like Grizzly Bear.” Wow…Grizzly Bear??? So let me be clear: You mean to tell me at one point when those 2 were working together and stood side by side, someone walked by and said, “What Up Horse and Grizzly Bear!” Hahaha!!!!