TAKEN was so RIDIC that I didn’t go see TAKEN 2 so I wouldn’t be mad at them. Maggie Grace (she played the daughter in TAKEN) came by the show and had a ball with us because she walked in while I was about to pour my cocktail. Hey…It was Friday aka “Fantasy” Friday and I NEEDED a drink. LOL! Maggie came by to promote her new Broadway play called “PICNIC” and Sway told her he wasn’t allowed to say the word “picnic” as a kid. When she asked why…he told her because he was taught that word came from “slavery.” EVERYONE, including Maggie looked confused, so I asked Sway, “WHAT…. Are you TALKING ABOUT?” And he said, “He was taught “picnic” derived from pick-a-n*&&a.” THANK GOD I had a cocktail in my hand and had already taken 3 sips because I was the 1st to BUST OUT LAUGHING, along with EVERYONE else while poor Maggie turned red! Couple that with a caller asked her if she smokes the bong AND how does she keeps her weight down now that she’s rich. LOL!!!> She said she was coming back though to the show because she’s NEVER had an interview like that! FYI> I’m going to see PICNIC anyway! haha!!!