I’m not sure if people realize HOW MANY films Faizon Love has been in. I remembered him in “Fridays, Money Talks, and Couple’s Retreat” but then as we talked I realized Faizon was in over 41 FILMS including animation work. WOW! He shared with us how when he was going to work w/Halle Berry in a film the director warned him not to flirt with her. He said he wouldn’t but he did say she was really cool in person. He came to the show on a Friday, (we call them Fantasy Friday’s…because we have food&drinks) and when I offered him a drink…he said he had to stop drinking; (I didn’t ask why, but he seemed to be trying take care of himself.) He settled for a non-alcoholic drink instead. What was also interesting is that he said, “Chris Rock told me STOP BEING LAZY!” Faizon continued, “Alot of times comedians get lazy after they start making movies. We do a film, get the money, and ride around looking for hoes!” He also said, that’s why he continues to do stand-up.” I’m not mad at him for that! What was crazy surprising though…he said Chris Tucker got lazy: And I guess he would know because they both had their break-out roles in Friday’s. I really hope Faizon continues to do his thing…and stays mindful of his health: He’s a funny dude..and kind of cuddly. 😉