Okay, so here’s what I knew about Ethan Hawke BEFORE he came in the studio> He used to be married to Uma Thurman and he was in Training Day with Denzel Washington. Here’s what I found out about Ethan AFTER the interview> 1. He has a great sense of humor: (He told alot of stories about being on set with actors in Hollywood: Angelina Jolie rehearsed w/him while he kept his clothes on, but she got naked!) 2.He doesn’t worship the devil. (I asked him if he worshiped “the devil” because my theory is: So many people “sell their souls” to become EXTRA famous then start making certain types of films, music, and projecting certain images&symbols: And has has some weird movies under his belt.) 3. He thinks New Jersey girls are EASY! (LOL…Long story!)