I KNOW I’m not the ONLY person in the world that thought “Drew Sidora” was just a character on “The Game” when she was on there: I had NO IDEA that was her real name. LOL!

She came by the show to talk her role as “T-BOZ” in the TLC biopic that aired on VH-1.

I STILL haven’t seen it…I heard it was good though, but more than that DREW SIDORA was interesting to sit down and talk to.

She came with her mom (who is a minister), her son (who starred in the movie as a lil girl, T-Boz’s daughter) and her sister: (who is her manager.)

We talked about keeping your peace in a “chaotic” industry and it was good to hear such a young girl be so grounded.

We ended up yappin so much about GOD, family, and the Elmo her little one was carrying…I FORGOT to ask her WHY she left “THE GAME” and if she was ever going to come back?

Hopefully with the success of the TLC film, Drew will be emerging again on the screen, then she can FINALLY get her album out.