I LOVE Donnell! I met him a long time ago when we worked together, but he didn’t speak to me for the first YEAR while we worked. When we finally started speaking…I asked him WHY didn’t you talk to me before? He said, “Yo SON, cause your husband is BIG AS HELL!” HAHA!!! FYI>Donnell is the only guy I know that calls me “son.” LOL! He doesn’t even care that I’m a girl! We talk alot on the phone and Donnell constantly teases me for 3 things: 1. He said my talent is that I’m “regular real.” (I never knew being regular real was a talent…LOL) 2. EVERYTIME he calls me for some reason I’m in POPEYE’S. (It’s really strange too.) AND 3. I once served him red wine with ice. (So then he started calling me the “N” word in addition to “son.” LOL!!!!)